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Whether we like it or not, just about every decision we make on a daily basis is impacted by money and the world’s economic process. Money and economics controls nearly every decision we make. It enters into decisions on whether we eat, what we eat, how we spend our time, people’s health, what cars we buy, what jobs we choose, how many children we have, what clothes we wear, what roads our communities repair, who we might marry, if education is available, the types of schools our children go to, what industries will grow, where we live, how we treat our environment, where we go on vacation, and so on. Most people do not think as much about their religions or their families as they do about money when making important decisions in their lives.

While this website discusses economic issues, it is really not about economics. It is about awakening people around the world through the revelation that they can greatly improve the quality of their lives simply by changing the economic processes they use.  The various articles examine different topics such as how the current systems are destroying basic individual freedoms or how they do not and cannot work for most people.  It will show how they are ultimately not sustainable for anyone, both mathematically and literally, and are the greatest underlying source of contention in the world breeding widespread fear, unhappiness, poverty and desperation.  If humanity ever wants to achieve lasting peace, prosperity and a sustainable future, its economic processes and the underlying monetary system must change.

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